Violet Monroe

Violet Monroe is a firecracker. She is a wild woman who never holds anything back from her amazing porn scenes. She has that goth look, milky white skin and dark hair, though sometimes she dyes it red. She likes to wear smokey eye makeup that accentuates her pale skin. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 114 pounds. Her 34C tits are natural and she has a trim 23 inch waist that leads to a 35 inch ass. With the astrological sign of Leo it should be no surprise that Violet likes to have all attention on her for her womanly curves and sexual tastes. She started in the porn industry when she was 20 years old. Before that she had only been with three guys, but she had been with a whole bunch of girls.

Violet has said that Penny Pax is one of her favorite people to work with. Off camera, Violet is an interesting woman. She has a thing for quantum physics and she also loves to look at the stars with her telescope. Violet is known for being a rough and tumble kind of girl who can really take a lot. She loves to have corporal punishment come her way and she is always trying to find bigger cocks to shove in her holes, especially her asshole. She has done a double vaginal off camera and hopes to do something like double anal on camera, though she hasn’t tried it yet. However she is confident that it could happen because she has already been fisted! Violet is a super hot sub who can really submit, so don’t miss any of her scenes here. They are all legendary and worth a watch.
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