Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova is an interesting girl. She used to be quite shy, so no one would expect her to be doing porn now, but her horny desires brought her to KINK and the industry in general. Gabi is a pint sized spinner who weighs about 101 pounds and is only 5 feet tall. She joined the porn industry in part because she wanted to have some fun and sexy experiences but also because she wanted to gain confidence. Before porn, she had slept with only 9 guys and wanted number 10 to be on camera, and she wanted it to be anal! In her first porn scene she wasn’t really that nervous, but she was more concerned with how she looks on camera. She didn’t have much to worry about because she looked great!

Gabi is one of those rare girls who can actually have an anal orgasm, and that’s why she loves anal sex so much. Gabriella's ultimate fantasy that hasn’t been realized yet is to get double penetrated. Hopefully it will happen soon because we can think of a few people who’d love to gang bang that pussy and ass when it does! She also wants to try double anal at some point, but doesn’t think double vaginal would work for her. After she is done with porn in 5 or maybe 10 years, Gabi wants to become a doctor. She would love to become a gynecologist and be able to help her fellow pornstars so they wouldn’t have to go to a doctor that judged them for their career choices. Luckily Gabi is a smart woman so there is a distinct possibility of this happening for her.
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