Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert is a very special kind of girl. She always knew she was a freak and BDSM and bondage were her first loves. She started out in the porn industry strictly as a fetish model doing bondage movies and other fetish films for small time producers all over the country to put herself through college. She didn’t want to have sex on camera yet because she had never done so before, but once she did, the floodgates unleashed and Casey decided to make her move towards becoming one of the most popular hardcore pornstars of the recent few years. The thing about Casey is that she’s not a pornstar who is doing bondage just to experiment and have fun or maybe see if she likes it. She lives for it. She’s a kinkster who loves to use her mainstream porn experiences to experiment in that realm. She is one of us first and foremost. Also, she tends to see her work in the mainstream porn biz as part of her submission. She sees her body as an instrument for sex and submission, although recently she has been experimenting with her dominant side too.

At the age of 21, Casey's first time was with her boyfriend, a 48 year old truck driver. She never even fucked a girl before 21 either. Why did a hot model like Casey wait so long to lose it? She always knew what she wanted, and she didn’t want to settle for less. That’s a pretty good definition of this babe. She is a tough woman in many ways who loves competitive rock climbing and is hoping that it gets added to the summer Olympics for 2024 so she could potentially be a contender. She’s a professional who always shows up with her game face on. She is a girl who has already gone far in this biz and she will definitely go further.
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