Venus Lux

Venus Lux is probably one of the most popular transsexual performers out there today. She is a beautiful Asian woman who is porn’s version of a “triple threat.” Although, in porn that might be changed to a quintuple threat or a deca threat! The point is, Venus can do it all. She is an actress, performer, director, producer, advocate and adult sex educator. Venus actually got her start in the biz through us here at KINK. She got recruited by one of our scouts and she jumped on the opportunity. Since she was already working as a stripper - and living in San Francisco where we are located - it wasn’t a hard decision for this beautiful Chinese woman. Her first scene was for TS Pussy Hunters and you can see it right here. Believe it or not that was also the first time she ever had sex with a cis woman!

Venus chose her name because like a true SF slut she is into astrology. Venus is the ruling planet for Libra which is her astrological sign. Then she chose Lux because that is short for luxury and she wanted everyone to know that she is a classy woman! She also loves the fact that Venus is a goddess of love, and that Lux is Latin for illumination. Her name has many layers that are meaningful to her. In her spare time Venus loves to play golf and go hunting, which are two things that most people are quite surprised by! Venus is also an advocate for both sex workers and trans women. She loves sharing her pride for both communities and has been in many public videos educating the public about pornstars and LGBT issues. In fact, Venus has worked as the treasurer of the APAC - an organization that advocates for rights and safety within the porn industry.
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Latest Scenes Starring Venus Lux

Her Willing Slave
Dec 13, 2016