Ariel X

Ariel X is an amazing, strong woman. She is an amazing wrestler and referee for our wrestling site Ultimate Surrender. If you see her naked you will notice that her body is all rippling muscle - but not without softness and curves too. In bondage these muscles really stand out as she is straining to orgasm, if she is allowed. For the most part, she can be seen completely dominating on the wrestling mats. She even dominates when it comes to champion wrestlers like Izamar Guttierez. There have been many times when she has been so victorious that the champion fuck has had to be taken onto another channel like Everything Butt or Whipped Ass so she can get her full revenge.

Clearly, Ariel is committed to fitness. She works out almost every single day. In the mornings she does 2 hours of weight training to build her muscles. In the evenings she spends a few hours training in Jiu Jitsu, and then most of the time she will also run or go for a hike. In the past she has also had training in Krav Maga and Kickboxing, which explains why she is such an amazing wrestler. It sounds like a lot of work but for someone like Ariel it is actually fun and she considers it part of her regimen. Besides that, she is just a regular woman who loves to take care of her family, relax and watch her favorite TV shows and take care of her house!
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