Dahlia Sky

Dahlia started out in the industry under a different name, but had to stop using it after a company by the same name threatened legal action. She chose her new name because she loves the mystery of the Black Dahlia story, and she also thinks that the flower of the same name is incredibly beautiful. She chose Sky because the sky is blue, so it was an allusion to her old name. Ms. Sky is an all natural blonde beauty who loves to get kinky. Besides being a pornstar, Dahlia is kind of a nerd and loves to read. She is pretty quiet in person but once the cameras start rolling she is able to make the magic happen, unleashing the sexuality that lives inside of her on a day to day basis. She got into the adult industry because she was doing some modeling. Then she tried nude modeling, then adult modeling and here we are. Once you start it’s a slippery slope, and soon she was one of the most popular stars out there.

Dahlia is a wonderful submissive who gives her all in any BDSM scene. She is not happy unless there is some strict rope bondage and a big ball gag involved. She has done some of the most impressive bondage scenes like an arched back inversion on Device Bondage or a one leg balance position with her friend Casey Calvert on Hogtied. She is not happy unless she is having orgasms ripped from her body in bondage with a powerful vibrator or a cock filling her holes while she is completely helpless. Her screams and cries during the scenes she performs here prove that to be true, as does her big grin after every shoot she does here at KINK!
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