Tommy Pistol

Tommy Pistol is a guy who has an interesting back story like most pornstars. He was doing sketch comedy for 11 years before porn, so he was always very comfortable in performance situations. He first started doing porn because a friend asked him to do it. She ended up becoming a really famous pornstar with her own brand and that’s where he got his start. Tommy was always a porn fan and so he was really stoked to get into the biz. He remembers fondly in an interview online when Annie Cruz friended him on one of the earlier social networks - he practically busted a nut right then and there!

Tommy is a guy who is well suited to porn. He explains in an interview that it’s just not about whether you can fuck, it’s about getting your dick hard and making it stay that way, and not letting anything get to you to get in the way of that. He is talented at that, but he also understands why people burn out from time to time. One thing that Tommy is well known for is actually being a great actor. He’s not just one of these stunt cocks who shows up and fucks. He can play characters, read lines, etc. This comes from his comedic background. Tommy even has had some mainstream TV roles in made for TV movies. He always wanted to be a mainstream actor, but he’s not upset about becoming a pornstar. He just sees it as working on his acting chops while having a blast fucking every hot pornstar around.

Tommy has also discovered his kinky side with us here. He’s a usual feature on Hardcore Gangbang, but he also enjoys training new recruits on Training of O or pounding sub pussy on Sex and Submission.
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