Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is a beautiful redhead who could be a fashion model. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 121 pounds. She has all natural B cup breasts and her hair changes with whatever shade she decides to dye it too, though it typically stays a shade of red -- and with Ashley the carpet does match the drapes! Ashley is an absolute beauty but she hasn’t done any boy/girl shoots yet. Most of her fans wish she would go mainstream already but BDSM fans are perfectly happy with what she has done here. Most of her shoots are either bondage and torment with her on the submissive end or artistic photo shoots that show off her abilities to make you seriously feel something through the camera. Ms. Lane always gets a goofy grin on her face after a shoot because she simply enjoys getting tied up and used by our fucking machines and vibrators until she has way too many screaming and squirting orgasms.

Ashley loves to submit and has proven so by coming back to shoot again and again with directors like The Pope who bind her in his expert rope ties and make her squeal with pain and pleasure. Ashley’s skin is very fair so her fans definitely enjoy seeing her getting pounded with tools that leave her ass a little bit red because it looks so beautiful. For Ashley too, these marks make her feel quite happy and like she has accomplished something for the day. She also enjoys enduring harsh bondage positions that stretch her every which way and show everyone what her lithe and nubile body is really capable of. You should keep checking back here to see what Ashley has been up to lately.
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