Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten is that bad to the core babe you see at the motorcycle gang strip club. She is covered in tattoos and has a smile or a sneer on her face. Her fake knockers bounce around as she glances at from between her spread legs on the stripper pole and she is happy as anything doing all of this. She started off as a car and motorcycle model which makes sense. She is friendly and personable and you would totally buy anything she tried to sell you. She also used to be a stripper. Once she came to LA she got introduced to fetish modeling and she loved it, so she is truly a freak who loves BDSM. Slowly after a while she creeped her way into the porn industry. Everyone told her she would never make it because of her tattoos but she proved them all wrong because she was determined to become a big star and prove that you could become a well known pornstar even if your whole body is covered in tats.

In 2015 Bonnie took a break from shooting porn because she got pregnant. Bonnie now is the co-owner of a tattoo shop in Brooklyn, NY called Bonnie Rotten’s Best Kept Secret. You can go there and get inked and maybe Bonnie herself will be around. She also has her own line of sex toys and feature dances at strip clubs. If you follow her popular social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram you will see she posts the latest flyers for her feature dance gigs so you can meet her and see her stripping!
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