Carter Cruise
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Carter Cruise Carter Cruise Carter Cruise Carter Cruise Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise is a pornstar princess who has been in hundreds of movies. The ones she truly loves and enjoys are the ones where she gets to experiment with her fetish interests here at KINK. Carter is a blonde babe who has pretty blue eyes that shine with a devious glint. She looks sweet and innocent so you would probably not suspect that she is such a complete freak, but here she is now! She is originally from North Carolina and describes herself as a flirty tomboy before she started in porn. She enjoyed being just one of the guys but also loved to fuck them! Carter quit college to join the porn industry. She loved college but she doesn’t think it is actually worth it and doesn’t care that she didn’t get her degree. She knows she is smart and says that she doesn’t need a piece of paper to say so.

Before porn, Carter loved to dance and act, so she always saw herself as part of the the entertainment industry. She just never knew exactly what she was going to do in it. One day she was reading an article in a magazine about porn and pornstars. She thought it sounded cool! So she looked on Craigslist for some dirty jobs and found a photographer who was involved in the porn industry. He took some headshots of her and filled her in about the porno biz. After that, she felt like that’s what she was supposed to do and made it happen. All of her fans are so glad she did. She generally plays the role of sub because she loves to get tied up and have a good time! Even though she is pretty vanilla off camera she loves that porn gives her the opportunity to explore her kinky fantasies in a safe environment. more

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