Kate England

Kate England is a pretty blonde pornstar who is not from England at all. She just liked the name and thought it suited her, so don’t be surprised when she opens her mouth and doesn’t have a British accent. She says her real name is long and complex, so she just wanted to have something that was simple and easy. Kate has always been a horny girl. She actually tried anal sex before she ever did any pussy stuff! Before porn, Kate was a stripper. She worked at a club that had swinger nights to put herself through college. She graduated and became an x-ray technician, but that life wasn’t for her. She was working way too much for too little pay. So she decided to go part time on that and tried to make it work to become a cam model. That’s when she got noticed by some porn agents and the rest is history.

Having the experience of being a stripper and a webcam model really prepared her for the time when she became a pornstar, so it seemed like second nature to her. She describes herself as more of a switch than a true sub, although you can mostly see her getting her holes used by tops on sites like Everything Butt. In an interview online she said that she really loves shooting with us and named KINK as her favorite company to work with! She loves anal sex so much that she just did it right away when she started doing porn. She isn’t like one of the pornstars who saves it until later in her career. Watching Kate England in a BDSM porn movie is a sheer pleasure, be sure to catch all of her porn movies here.
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