Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre is a dark kind of babe. Clearly she chose her name after Sartre, the famed existentialist French writer who believed that all of life and afterlife is some kind of hell or purgatory that is all about what you make of it. She has started out as more of an alt princess, doing kinky things that would be OK with her tattoos and freaky interests, but lately she has been moving more towards mainstream porn fame, and we’re happy to have helped her along the way. Before porn, she was doing webcamming and someone suggested she might like to try porn. Charlotte is officially a spinner. She is about 5’ 3” tall and she only weighs about 95 pounds. She is quite skinny and has tiny tits and a tiny ass to go with that tiny waist. She says that she is probably more lesbian than straight, as before porn, she was with more girls than guys in her personal life.

As for her personal hobbies, they go with her goth persona. She loves to do taxidermy, which an old girlfriend turned her onto. After they broke up, she didn’t let her new passion die with her old relationship, and she kept on doing it. Charlotte was dreaming of entering the porn biz a few years before she tried it when she was 21 years old. She is a total freak. Her first scene was for a very hard BDSM site where her ass ended up bruised and she got fucked in the ass with a strap on by a nurse character wearing latex. After that, she knew this business was for her and she started shooting here on Device Bondage and other sites shortly after. Believe it or not, Charlotte’s favorite sex position is to be tied up hanging upside down. She says she can orgasm the hardest in this position and she loves how cool it looks. While she is a natural submissive, she is exploring her dominant side and hopes to start domming on camera soon too!
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Dec 27, 2017