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Honey Foxxx is a beautiful caramel colored sweetheart who is not only a top transsexual porn performer but is also an activist for the LGBT community. She actually got into the porn biz before she started to transition to living as her true self, a woman. A guy told her that she looked like she had a big dick, and gave her a card. It was then that she started shooting gay porn and finding out how exhilarating being in front of the camera can be. A few years later she started to transition and from there her fame only grew! Honey had a unique upbringing and was raised by a gay couple. Even so it was hard for them to accept that she is a trans woman, because it disrupted their vision for Honey’s life, but now they are very supportive of her! In an interview online, Honey said that for LGBT people, your family can also be your chosen family and they are equally as important.

Honey’s activism isn’t just limited to the transgender community. She has also done anti-bullying campaigns and even started her own nonprofit to give back to the community. Her organization gives some money away each month to a different community organization helping LGBTI people. What’s also amazing about Honey is that she keeps a real day job too. When she got her job, she was very upfront with them about her other career and they accepted her. So one day she gets to bang the likes of pornstar Mia Li, and the next day she dresses up in a conservative get up to go to her office! You will definitely be happy with the porn skills of this amazing woman who is hot, sexy, smart and passionate about everything she does.
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