Lance Hart

Lance Hart is a top male porn performer. Clearly he is completely bisexual as he can be seen on guys only sites like Bound Gods, transsexual sites like TS Seduction and femdom sites like Divine Bitches. He even enjoys being on top in things like Hardcore Gangbang. Lance is 5 feet 8 inches tall and he weighs around 145 pounds. He has been filming porn since 2013 and in that short time he has built up a good name for himself. In an interview online, Lance said that he is bisexual but tends to date women and he is polyamorous, which means that even though he has three girlfriends there is still a chance for you to get in there! Lance is currently engaged to fellow KINK performer Charlotte Sartre. Lance is a guy who is confident in his sexuality. Some guys who do both gay and straight sex in porn have two identities but Lance wants to present himself as he really is - a guy who just loves sex no matter who it is with.

Lance is a great guy who is pretty nice and you can tell by following his Twitter account. He has even gone so far as to develop some cool things for the porn industry. First of all he has made his own porn site for indie porn producers to have a platform for their smut. He has also made a payment system for people to send each other money that is safe for porn performers, because some of them have seen their accounts shut down. Lance is such a popular guy that he is even a model for some sex toy stores who sell kinky gear. This is one guy who is pretty pervasive around here and KINK and it looks like he is here to stay because his dick is big and hard, he can take a good fucking and he likes it both on top and bottom. He is a versatile guy with a great attitude!
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Jun 16, 2017