Yasmin Lee

Yasmin Lee is a beautiful transsexual woman whose is of Cambodian descent. This Asian cutie says that her family gave her a gender neutral given name because they never had any inclination of what gender she was to be, a true sign of things to come. As she became the woman she always wanted to be, she started to do porn movies, even though she had dreams of becoming a real Hollywood actress. She figured that opportunity would never be afforded to her because of her gender, but back in 2011 she got the chance to have parts in two mainstream movies, which for her was a dream come true. In a movie called Red Ice she played the part of a Succubus in a high energy fight scene. Before doing porn she was living as a man and doing makeup for big celebrities. As she started to transition she stopped doing makeup because she was afraid her clients would judge her, since they knew her as a man. So, she started doing makeup for other trans women in porn movies, and that’s how she saw how much fun it was to be on set! From then on she was always a fan favorite, and if you watch any of her movies here on KINK you’ll see why. Her favorite thing to do in a porn movie is domination, so she is always at home when she steps onto our sets.

Everyone loves her so much that in 2011 she won an award naming her the Kinkiest TGirl Domme. She has also been nominated for a few different AVN awards. Yasmin now knows the industry inside and out. She has been a casting director, a makeup artist, and a number of other positions too. She is a girl who dreamt of success and now that she is there, nothing can stop her! For the most part you can see her on TS Seduction here because she loves to seduce guys and fuck them with her rock hard 8 inch cock.
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