Roxy Raye

When you see Roxy Raye you may think that she is sweet and innocent with her big eyes and coed looks. However, once the cameras start rolling and her holes start to get filled, Roxy’s true inner style comes out and you will see that she is a complete cock whore who loves having her butt and pussy filled with anything and everything. Roxy got into the industry when she was 19 years old. She started to do webcam modeling and then started to make her own porn movies to upload to porn sites. At first she was just doing solo videos for her own site and channels, but then she got curious and started to do girl/girl. Then she got curious about everything else so she started to do even more stuff like boy girl sex, ass fisting and other hot things that piqued her interest.

In an interview online Roxy said that she somewhat regrets her porn name because there are people with similar monikers out there like Roxie Rae and Roxanne Rae, but she is sticking with this one for now. The reason that Roxy can fit so many things in her ass is that she always spends a lot of time cleaning herself out before a scene. Then she works her fingers inside of her ass until nearly her whole fist is inside of it. She might even use an inflatable butt plug to help her booty get even wider open. She is a star on our site Everything Butt which is all about helping girls to explore the boundaries of their assholes ability to stretch wide.

In an interview online Roxy said she would love to shoot a porn with a gangbang so she could really put her hole stretching abilities to the test. Check back here for more Roxy Rae kinky porn movies!
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