Rain DeGrey

Rain DeGrey is one of the filthiest sluts around. She is very open about how much of a freak she is, and is also very open about her unique past. She was raised in a hippie commune in San Francisco that was very focused on a clean lifestyle, yoga and meditation. She soon left that life to find her way in SF and became embroiled in the city life, before she found BDSM which she adopted as a way of life. She started doing porn because she was very into playing publicly and someone saw her and told her to put in an application to us here at KINK. Who were we to say no to a cute blonde with a love of everything BDSM? Of course we put her to work and she has been here ever since, shooting tons of different kinds of porn and exploring herself throughout her career. Ms. DeGrey is very open about her life on her Twitter account where she offers advice to her followers and puts out colorful stories about things that happen in her life.

One of Rain’s most famous and well known videos is probably the one where she was given so many orgasms in bondage that she appeared to go into a trance and speak in tongues. Rain is an excellent performer who really knows how to give every ounce of energy that she has to a scene and she will shock you with every single one that she does. At this point she is an official MILF with fake 34D tits, a 28 inch waist and a 34 inch ass. She is tall and lanky standing 5 feet 8 inches and weighing 123 pounds. Despite her slim appearance, Rain is also a formidable wrestler who loves to throw down on the Ultimate Surrender mats.
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