Christie Stevens

Christie Stevens is a classic beauty with sexy blonde hair and beautiful natural looking tits. She has gorgeous 34Ds which are great paired with her 27 inch waist and 34 inch ass. Christie always had a hot and heavy sex drive which is basically what led her to porn. She craved so much dick that she figured she might as well become a professional. She also has a legitimate interest in acting and has studied the craft for a few years to hone her skills. Christie also does live webcam shows where she interacts with her fans live. She said in an interview that sometimes she gets weird or silly requests during these shows. She’s played with couples making for an online threesome, and another time someone wanted her to pretend to be a robot! What could explain Christie’s flexibility or her taste for pushing herself when it comes to BDSM? Well she was a dancer and studied ballet pretty heavily. People who have done that in the past know how to really push themselves and they often retain the flexibility that they developed during their previous studies. Christie also does have a college degree in communications and PR, so she is really good at self promotion. Christie is a total freak who relishes the chance to get her ass pounded in bondage, or to get a huge gangbang going on that is focused on her holes. She’s also a bisexual slut who doesn’t care if she is getting dominated by a woman or man as long as she loses control and submits to the person in charge. That’s why you can see her on sites from Hogtied to Whipped Ass to Hardcore Gangbangs getting used by anyone and everyone who sees her holes as fit to utilize! ...Read more about Christie Stevens here

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Jul 1, 2014