Princess Donna Dolore

Princess Donna Dolore or just Princess Donna as she is usually known is one of the most well known directors we have ever had here at KINK. She has directed for Wired Pussy, Bound Gangbangs, Hardcore Gangbangs, Public Disgrace and more. She has a devious mind that leads to amazing extreme sex videos that you can still see on here. Donna is no longer here at KINK but her body of work still stands strong. They are seriously some of the best porn movies you will see ever, anywhere, and that is an objective fact. Her following is so large and vast that they have come up with a fun phrase “WWPDD?” which stands for “What would Princess Donna do?” It’s simply because she makes the hottest porn choices when it comes to ways to torment any guy or girl. She loves electro play which is why she was the director for Wired Pussy for so long.

She started in the biz because she went to NYU, which is an expensive school. She started stripping to help pay for it and she chose the name Donna then. She started doing porn with another BDSM company and then she came right to KINK as soon as she graduated from college. She stayed until 2014 when she moved onto other endeavors. It was sad but luckily there are thousands of movies that have been created with her artistic and perverted eye. She never did boy/girl until 2008, even though she had been directing and starring in porn movies since 2004. She was mostly a top but she also had her own amazing gangbang which saw her holding her eyes open to get jizz in them at the end! The world is a better place because of Princess Donna’s contributions over her years here at KINK!
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