Izamar Gutierrez

Izamar Gutierrez is a professional female wrestler who got involved in sexual wrestling because it is a whole lot of fun! Izamar is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 129 pounds. She has measurements of 36D-24-35 which look amazing on her muscular and trim frame. Izamar’s nickname as a wrestler is “La Diabla” because she is just like the devil when she gets onto those wrestling mats! Izamar has been wrestling here since 2011 when she started on our Ultimate Surrender roster, but she was making wrestling porn before that too. She was born for this and that much is clear by her impressive grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu prowess. She has clearly been studying this art for a long time and considers it her calling. Izamar sometimes is known as Isamar, but those who know her best know she prefers the spelling of Izamar for her porn productions.

Izamar is hot stuff and in more recent years she has decided to branch out fromstrictly wrestling. She still does girl/girl only movies, but she can also be seen making appearances on Everything Butt and Whipped Ass. Most of her extraneous porn movies are framed as extended grudges that have come off the wrestling mats onto our porn sets, but she really does like them as well. Izamar is one of the top wrestlers here and she is in the Welter Weight class. The funny thing is that Izamar is not a violent person by nature. She is simply an athlete who loves the opportunity to perform in her sport and then have hot lesbian sex afterwards. Whether she wins or loses (but let’s face it, she usually wins), she has a good time fucking or getting fucked!
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