Alura Jenson

Alura Jensen is an Italian MILF who started shooting porn when she was 35 years old. Just because she got her start later on in life doesn’t mean she’s not as good as these 18 year olds who come bopping down to LA to shoot porn, on the contrary. Now that she is older, Alura really knows her body and sexuality and loves to do the things that she actually likes to do. She has amazing 42G tits, a 30 inch waist and an incredible 42 inch ass. Sure she is a bit bigger than some other chicks, she’s certainly no waif, but these curves look amazing on her 5 foot 8 inch 165 pound frame. In real life Alura is a MILF and now a GILF, so with her, the fantasy is real!

Before porn, Ms. Jensen was in the military. She actually got her first pair of fake tits as a “fuck you” to the military when she left. She got them to signify her newfound freedom. A few years after that a client at the strip club where she worked paid for an upgrade to her boobs because he didn’t like the way her first ones looked. She was ecstatic to receive such a gift. Being in the military at 18 let Alura have all these sexual experiences. She says she had gangbangs in the barracks, with plenty of anal sex and double penetrations. She stayed with the military for a while until she got divorced. Then she decided to say screw everything, get her tits done and became a stripper! Alura’s ultimate porno crush would have to be Nina Hartley because she admires her long and fruitful career in an industry that often spits people out as they age.
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