Kimber Woods

Kimber Woods is a pornstar who was once known as Lexi Vex. She is pretty hot with long black hair and a petite figure. She is part Latina and part Lebanese, and she grew up in Miami. Before doing porn, Kimber was a competitive martial artist. She did Sansei Go Ryu, a traditional Japanese fighting style, and fought in MMA for 6 years. She even has some world titles to show for it! She started doing porn because she was engaged to T Stone, a male pornstar formerly known as Tarzan. He got her into it because they fucked really well together and he saw the potential in her. She was hesitant at first, like most girls, but once she finally saw how much fun it could be, she went for it! Kimber considers herself pretty dominant but if she senses that someone can seriously dominate her then she finds it easy to submit and have a whole lot of fun. One thing that is quite interesting about her is that she says her pussy is quite small and shallow so when she gets fucked by big cocks she really feels it!

If you want to know what really turns Kimber on, all you have to do is wear a scent. She loves guys and girls who smell really good and it makes her pussy wet. She is also a kinky lady who loves to have some foot fetish action with licking or kissing on her toes. Kimber is a vibrant girl who you can see in some really hot scenes here at KINK. When she submits she does it right and she always gives it her all. You can tell she is tough when she gets into the ropes and starts to have orgasms ripped from her snatch by powerful vibrators and fucking machines.
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