Marica Hase

Marica Hase is a girl who first made a name for herself in her native Japan. She became a pornstar there, and then decided that she wanted to have some more adventures here in the US. She was first flown over here by one of the top agents around, and she shot for every company that she desired including us here at KINK. Marica is a true slut who will do anything asked of her on camera and she is also a real professional who is a pleasure to work with. She knows how to act but she also knows how to suffer for real in bondage and with other BDSM torments like corporal punishment. Marica is bisexual so she likes to work with both men and women, though she says sometimes figuring out how to make her lesbian film stars orgasm can get a little confusing. You might be surprised to learn that Marica is well into her 30s, but she looks like she could be 18 or 19 years old and plays the part of a college coed all too well.

In Japan, Marica has directed a few porn movies and she hopes to direct some here too, but she wants to improve her English first. In an interview online Marica said that she loves shooting BDSM porn for us here at KINK! She also loves to do more intimate romantic scenes. She is an Asian honey who likes to do it all. As a Japanese girl she has a special place in her heart for rope bondage, because Japan is where the art originated. To help her learn English, Marica loves to watch TV shows about food. She not only gets to learn how to cook delicious meals but she finds it does help her with her English skills so she can go even further in her American porn career.
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Oct 17, 2014