Penny Pax

Penny Pax was destined to be a performer. Before doing porn at 22, she was always interested in music, theater and dance. Being an entertainer is certainly her identity, and as she got older, doing porn seemed to be the most natural option for her. Before porn, she was doing a little bit of modeling here and there. She was also working as a lifeguard and she wasn’t happy because it seemed like her life was going nowhere fast. So, when someone from a modeling website suggested she might like to try porn, she took the opportunity and ran with it - literally. In person Penny can be a little bit quiet and shy, but when the cameras start rolling she lets out this slutty character who takes over. Penny is the kind of girl who doesn’t hold anything back from her fans. Her first ever scene was anal and she is not one of these chicks who waits to capitalize on her porn milestones to make the most money. That’s what her fans love about her! She will do anything she feels like doing at any moment.

According to an interview online, KINK was actually part of Penny’s sexual journey. She says she was able to explore and discover that she loves BDSM through playing with us here and making so many hot porn scenes. Most of the time Penny plays the submissive role but sometimes she gets the chance to be on top and she loves both. The feeling of tight ropes against her skin and a nice ball gag in her mouth gets her just as wet as when she is dominating a girl. Penny has been both blonde and redhead during her time in the porn biz, so if you see her with either color hair don’t worry - it’s not her secret twin - it’s really her!
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