Cherie DeVille

Cherie DeVille is a power MILF who gets the job done. When she comes to set her charming attitude and sweet slight Southern accent makes everyone feel amazing. She is also a woman of many talents. In her spare time she is a physical therapist who has a doctoral degree in the field. She still works part time in that world, because it’s the thing she loves more than anything else. Cherie got into porn because she had been doing some modeling for a friend and an agent found her pics online. They contacted her and she didn’t really have to think about it too hard before saying yes. Well, she did have to check with a lawyer to make sure her PT license wouldn’t be disrupted! She chose her porn name after Cherie Curie of The Runaways, a popular rock band.

Cherie has a nice pair of fake tits. She actually got them put in before she was doing porn. She just wanted to have bigger tits but they are serving her nicely now! Cherie is a girl who likes to get to know her scene partners a bit before shooting with them. She always chats with them before shooting starts because for her porn, especially sexy stuff with BDSM is a mental game. She wants to know someone’s boundaries and tastes so that she can make their experience really fun. You can see Cherie both getting pounded by guys in gangbangs and subbing in bondage as well as topping hot ladies and making guys regret the day they came into this world with dominant torments.
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