Chloe Cherry

Chloe Cherry is a girl who is actually more often known as Chloe Couture. She has also gone by Robin, and just Chloe. She looks so sweet and innocent on the outside, but she is really filthy on the inside. Chloe is a real life bisexual slut who like girls in lesbian encounters as much as she likes guys, even though it took her longer to experiment with girls than it did with guys. That was just because she was shy in the presence of a hot chick! She started doing porn when she was just 18 years old. She always wanted to try it and now her chance was here. She dreamed of being a pornstar like her idols. She chose her name because Chloe was the name of a favorite kooky looking doll that she had laying around her room. You know, the kind with a giant head and tiny body? She chose Couture because she always loved fashion and considers herself well dressed. Chloe said in an interview online that she is really good at being submissive and she likes it a lot too. She loves hair pulling and especially has a fetish for spit. She likes the spit to fly anywhere in a porn movie shoot, especially if it is from her throat as a result of a deepthroat blowjob. When she gives a blowjob Chloe will take the jizz in her mouth but she doesn’t like to swallow. This is because she has a very sensitive stomach and there is something in cum that doesn’t sit well with her. However, she is very proud to say that the only reason she takes birth control pills is because she prefers a guy to cum inside of her! Watch Chloe exploring her sub side and getting fucked hard here. ...Read more about Chloe Cherry here

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