Ava Devine

OMG is all you can really say about Ava Devine. What you see on camera with this bonafide Asian MILF is really what you will get in real life. She is a joyful, completely delightful slut who wants to fuck everything that moves. If you invite her over for dinner she will fuck you simply as a thank you. In fact if you don’t want to fuck her, you will probably have to tie her down to keep her from going buck wild on you. She wants cock and she wants it now. She doesn’t need lube, she doesn’t need prep. She just wants sex. To a babe like Ava, sex is everything and it is always on her mind. There’s no way to turn it off!

Ava is part Chinese and part Italian. Ava has always been in the business of sex but she didn’t start doing porn until she was about 28 years old in 2003. She considers herself a late bloomer in that respect but she is happy that she got to explore her tastes in that realm. It seems that the only thing that Ava really dislikes sexually is anyone who is being genuinely cruel. That’s her only turn off. However, if you are just playing the role of a cruel dom, Ava is totally down with that, she loves it all! The main thing Ava is after is a big fat cock, and the rest is just an added bonus for her. She claims that she loves everything about pleasing men and male sexuality. Ava would love to put up some weird porn on her website with people who don’t normally get put in a porn movie. According to Ava, as long as they’ve got a cock, they deserve her love and sexual attention!
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