Mz Berlin

Mz Berlin is an indomitable force. She used to work here at KINK behind the scenes, and she has been the star of many porn movies - mostly as a domme. Her real life personality is incredibly dominant and she is a true lifestyle player who knows how to make any guy or girl bend to her will. Berlin has starred in many femdom shoots on Divine Bitches where she has enjoyed tormenting guys and making them beg for mercy. The most amazing feature of Mz Berlin is that she has all natural 34DD tits. They look amazing with her pale skin and cherry red hair. She may not be a natural ginger, but she looks amazing as one. In her personal life Berlin has a personal corset fetish. She can cinch her waist down to a tiny 19” which is quite small considering her waist is normally 25 inches. If you are looking for a classic female dominant then Mz Berlin is your gal. She has every quality you would want in this type of character and she is 100% the real deal.

Even though Berlin is a dominant for most of the time, she can also be seen submitting sometimes because she loves bondage and restriction, as well as having sex! If you follow her on Twitter where she has a loyal following you can see that she is quite passionate about politics in real life, and she has that same outspoken personality that you see in her porn movies. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about what she has to say and is happy to have a platform on which to say it! Check out Mz Berlin because she is a super hot dominant lady who will put you in your place with one glance.
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