Riley Reid

Riley Reid is a hot brunette who is one of the most well known people in porn in general, but she also has a lot to offer in the BDSM realm in particular. She loves a lot of different fetish things like foot worship, electrical play, bondage and sex in bondage too. She is from Florida, and has always considered herself a sexual person. That makes porn the perfect career for her. Riley was a bad girl. She went to college for one semester, but then her car broke down and it was too far away to go via public transit. She also had some petty charges on her record that she needed to pay some tickets for. She started being a stripper but she was way too nice for that job. She didn’t care whether or not people would pay her, she just wanted to hang out with them and have a good time! Well, that doesn’t make for a great stripper but it does make for a good pornstar. Soon she started doing porn because lots of strippers have an "in" to the porn industry, and she had a friend who told her about it. So, she got an agent and slowly rose the ranks to becoming one of the most popular stars in the biz right now.

Riley has a big fantasy according to one interview online. She wants to be worshipped in a room full of men and women. It sounds like she wants to be made to be a kinky goddess who commands attention whether or not she is on the top or bottom! Riley is a wonderful woman who has a lot to offer in any scene or session. She is also a joy to have on set as she is nice, well spoken and just likes to have a good time - yet she is also a true professional who is down for pretty much anything!
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