Sarah Shevon

Sarah Shevon is seriously one of the most sweet and down to earth pornstars you will ever meet. She started off her career as a college student in fashion design but that just didn’t work out for her. She says you are expected to work your fingers to the bone, never sleeping in order to meet strict deadlines. It got so bad that she was even hospitalized a few times because all the stress was not good for her health. So, she decided to go in a different direction and try porn. Sarah actually got her start here as a contract star with us. So she has shot a very wide body of content for Kink. Her first scene ever was a solo fucking machines shoot, followed by others in which she got her BDSM experiences handed to her. She had lots of training in how to be the perfect slave on the Training of O and plenty of opportunities to show she had learned her lessons on The Upper Floor too.

Sarah seems sweet and innocent but she is really one of the most perverted chicks around. In one famous scene she even got her ass fucked with a baseball bat. Of course that means that Sarah is a regular star on Everything Butt where her ass gets filled to the brim with everything from a fist to other tools and toys used to stretch a butt hole wide open. Sarah has also done more than a few gangbangs for us here which is quite an accomplishment considering that most pornstars can only handle one or two throughout their whole career. She is also a master squirter, which is something our own Princess Donna helped her figure out. Before her first gangbang Sarah could only squirt randomly sometimes. With Donna’s help she learned how to do it regularly and now became a master squirter!
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