Lyra Law

Lyra Law is a hot pornstar who is formerly known as Lyra Louvel. She is a sexy blonde with astonishing measurements. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 114 pounds. Her curves are all natural with 34B tits, a 26 inch waist and a 34 inch ass that will wow you. She is pretty tall and thin with a bit of feminine softness in all the right places. She got into the adult industry because she is a kinky freak. She was a dominatrix doing private sessions with her devoted subs and then she started to shoot with us here at KINK to show everyone what she was made of. Once she started to get some recognition for that, she decided to go for gold and do mainstream porn too. Her family doesn’t know what she does for work and she doesn’t think they would be very accepting of her choices. They are very religious and for them even just having sex outside of marriage would be cause for disappointed. Somehow Lyra dodged all of the religious stuff because she is totally fine with everything she does and is happy with her life as a model.

Before she joined the biz herself, she watched a lot of fetish porn because that is genuinely what gets her off. She loves to peg guys and does a lot of strap on stuff, and she also has a personal fetish for MILFS and DILFS (since she is totally bisexual.) In fact, her celebrity crushes are Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson but not necessarily back when they were more conventionally attractive! Even though Lyra was a pro domme you can see her submitting to some serious tops here on KINK.
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