Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond is one of the most popular ebony pornstars of all time. She started making porn when she was 22 years old. In 2017 she very publicly retired saying that she wanted to focus on her music career instead, but who knows, she might still come back! Skin is from Scotland but she doesn’t have an accent because her parents are American. Even though Skin is a mainstream pornstar through and through, she is a total freak who is actually a lifestyle BDSM player. She has had BDSM relationships as some of her more significant relationships, and has even had a serious master, a mistress and a daddy at different points in her life. According to her a master or mistress is someone who is really in charge of things, whereas a daddy is more like a play partner where things aren’t as strict. That’s just her personal definition but it seems like a good one to go by.

The things that turn Skin on are the things that you see her doing here. She loves letting a guy or girl dominate her and truly take control. She can dish it out too, but her preference is to be on the submissive side of the equation. Skin says that one of the kinkiest things she has ever done was when she fisted a guy so far up his ass that most of her arm was swallowed up! Besides Porn, Ms. Diamond considers herself a nerd who likes watching science fiction TV shows and reading. Everyone is happy that Skin has left behind a whole lot of kinky smut for everyone to enjoy, and who knows, she may be back sooner than later!
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Latest Scenes Starring Skin Diamond

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May 13, 2016
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