Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine is well known for her big juicy booty which is apparently 40 inches wide. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall, 129 pounds, has 34D tits and a 26 inch waist to go along with it. While Kelly officially retired from porn in 2014, she actually still makes movies for her fans, just in a different way. She started in the porn industry because she was doing modeling work, and people kept offering her porn jobs. She turned it down three times before she gave in to her curiosity and had to see what this whole porn thing was about. Turns out, she loved it and had a great time for 7 years up until she got pregnant and decided to retire. Now she is a stay at home MILF who also shoots porn with her boyfriend at home, but they mostly make custom videos for people who request them. Since Kelly is now living closer to Delaware, she has trouble finding other pornstars to shoot with, so it’s mostly just boy/girl vids with her man that fans can order up on demand. Luckily though, her boyfriend has a big dick that everyone loves to see going in and out of her pretty pussy.

Before porn Kelly had only slept with 5 guys but now that list is a whole lot longer. Now Kelly has a whole lot of sexual experience and she considers herself a natural submissive. You can see that clearly here on Kink where she has experienced gangbangs, electric torments, and hot anal play. Kelly is a girl who really gives her all to any scene and she loves to give a good performance. However, can you really call it a performance if it is a completely authentic representation of how hot she finds an experience? It’s hard to say. The one thing that is for certain is that Ms. Divine really is 100% divine.
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