Joseline Kelly

Joseline Kelly is a petite brunette girl who has the perfect look for a wide eyed submissive. She’s a Georgia Peach and looks about as sweet as one but take off the clothes and her sexual energy will get unleashed completely. She joined the porn biz when she was 19 years old and was an instant hit with her slim body that is 5 feet 4 inches tall and only 105 pounds. Somehow she has developed nice 32D knockers and a 34 inch ass too. Before porn Joseline was on track to become a scientist but she couldn’t see herself working in an office job for her whole life. She needed to have some adventures first! Her mom had been in the biz for a while earlier, so Joseline figured, why not give it a go? In addition she also produces her own music for fun. As you can see Joseline is a multifaceted girl with so many talents and tricks up her sleeve.

Ms. Kelly is a true slut who loves it rough and tumble and she is a real submissive. She says it just comes natural to her to take orders and open her holes to whoever comes her way. According to an interview, her favorite food is vanilla ice cream, but there is nothing vanilla about this chick. She is kind of perfect because from the outside she does look like that innocent girl who lives down the street from you or maybe the one who teases you from her desk in your college classroom, but deep down she is a filthy slut who just wants to be used. Here on KINK you can mainly see her getting her fill of cock, training and bondage. Since she is on the newer side she needs to be shown how to present herself properly!
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