Wenona is a porn legend. She was shooting bondage porn before it was even very popular because she is a wild and adventurous woman. She has been shooting here at KINK for years and years. For so long Wenona was the go to bondage model but she wasn’t shooting any hardcore porn. Then, a few years ago, she decided to give it a go which revitalized her entire career. Before porn she was always athletic which explains how she got her badass attitude. She was a gymnast and a swimmer, and also focused on the art of contortion which her flexible body was perfect for. She also has some other exciting hobbies like SCUBA diving and sky diving. As you can see, Wenona is an adventure seeker. She has a hubby who she has been with for a while and he helps her produce her own bondage porn and together they travel around the world since she has photographers and fans everywhere she goes.

Wenona did her first bondage shoot at 19 after trying some other modeling shoots and it was the perfect match for her. She never knew what a bondage freak she was until that moment. She is also an accomplished wrestler who is probably so good because she can contort her body and escape from any hold that a hottie holds her in. Wenona is a girl who is down for anything. In an interview online she describes going far into a jungle for a fishing shoot (for a mainstream publication). She slept in a hammock outside and filmed her own yoga and masturbation clips to sell online which she loved because it was a unique background for her fans to see. As you can see, when it comes to Wenona, anything goes.
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Nuru Bondage Creampie
Apr 10, 2017