Lilith Luxe

Lilith Luxe is a cute porn minx who will tease and tantalize you through the camera. She chose her porn name after Lilith, who is allegedly Adam’s first wife in the Garden of Eden who was also made out of the dirt, but she was cast out because she wouldn’t be subservient to him. Lilith is a great writer and anytime she writes or opens her mouth it’s clear that she is very intelligent. Her family isn’t aware of her foray into adult work in front of the camera, but she is still happy with her choices.

Ms. Luxe started shooting porn in 2015 and not much is known about her besides what she chooses to share with her fans on her Twitter account. She has natural B cup breasts and she loves anything that is freaky or abnormal. Lilith is an awesome sub who also enjoys topping when the occasion calls for it. She can be seen in both roles on sites like Whipped Ass and Electro Sluts. She really does it all! Even if she loses a wrestling match she still gets the gift of a strap on fucking! Lilith actually started out here as a crew member but she is such a kinkster that everyone thought she should try switching to the front of the camera, clearly she agreed.
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