Princess Donna Dolore

Donna Dolore (Spanish for Pain) was born on January of 1982 and studied at the renowned Tish School of the Arts during her time at NYU. To help cover her costs while studying at the university Ms. Dolore began working as a stripper, and took the stage name 'Donna' from another stripper she knew, showing that even early on she was comfortable with allowing her own identity to be overlooked. Her first experience at rigging came during time working under the New York BDSM pornography producers at Insex.

'In 2004 I was hired as a Webmaster and Director by a division of and I moved across the country to San Francisco. Originally I intended to work exclusively behind the camera, but I quickly learned that the best way to get what I wanted out of every performer was to be on camera holding their hand and encouraging them to accept every bit of filth inside their souls. Wired Pussy was perfect for the cleansing process, where discomfort and punishment could quickly be used to eradicate the unnecessary parts of their personalities and enable the audience to discover who these people are on a much more granular level. Sex, pain, emotion and acceptance are all about getting drilled down to the lowest common denominator of what makes any particular person truly tick.'

At first with a camera and a crew, but later as the prime Dominatrix on the site, Princess Donna made frequent guest appearances in more than 300 scenes for KINK fans and it is fair to say she always left everything she had on the floor of studio dungeon. Whether it was the last few drops of her own juices, or years of emotional baggage being discarded right in front of you, the complete honesty of her own performances in front of a camera are precisely what coaxed the best scenes out of so many subs who finally stopped trying to be models and decided to openly be themselves in front of everyone instead.

'The Training of O was the first site that combined enough serious BDSM with boy/girl sex to make me curious about trying it' said the Princess. Her experiences being fucked on film focused her mind on what would soon become one of the most popular and controversial expressions of human sexuality ever created.

In 2008, Princess Donna developed a new BDSM site titled Public Disgrace, and it quickly took dirty deeds out of the dungeon by parading submissives in need of more intense humiliation out on the town. 'For many it's easy to act like a pornstar in a closed studio surrounded only by porn people – but take away that familiar environment, eliminated the safety of their own creature comforts at a place they have been so many times before, and have them out in public where complete strangers can observe their holes being used… that gets them to stop being pornstars and start feeling like the needy cum hungry objects they were always fated to become. You show me a sub who thinks she is a pornstar, and Ill show you a girl who is putting on a front right up until some guy in a bar is fisting the falsities right out of her.'

Princess Donna was featured with Lorelei Lee, in Brian Lilla's 2007 independent film A Tale of Two Bondage Models, which appeared at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. She also appears in several other important documentaries and continues to be an important thought leader among mainstream media outlets on matters concerning sex and alterative lifestyles. That's not in spite of the fact that she has had her own holes destroyed on film here at KINK, in fact, it's in large part because she was always willing to show you what she believes every sub is capable of becoming.

Incidentally, if you share Princess Donna's pet peeve about girls closing their eyes during cumshots, you will love her work on film. Eyes always open, looking up at you without any excuses or winces from the discomfort of catching a load inside her eyelids. 'A sub's eyes aren't her own,' said Donna with a stern gaze. 'I blame those who allow subs to obtain the wrong idea that closing an eye is optional.'

'I'm everything but straight. I like girls, I like boys, I like transgender girls and boys.' She told one interviewer from The Village Voice. That explains why the porn scenes she directs are decadent portrayals of the outer boundaries of BDSM sex. Donna left us in 2014 to pursue other ideas and desires. However, Kink is lucky to have the collection of thousands of porn movies from her twisted mind that she has left behind.
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