Annette Schwarz

Annette Schwarz used to be a nurse, but she still decided to switch jobs and become a pornstar instead. Things have worked out very well for her! She is a sexy blonde from Germany who could have been a fashion model because she is 5 feet 11 inches tall. That wetness in her pussy just wouldn’t let her pursue another career because she needed to get laid all the time! She weighs about 143 pounds and has nice 34C tits, a 26 inch waist and a 40 inch ass. Her measurements seem impossible but they only show that she was meant to be a pornstar! Annette is from Germany and has a sexy accent that will make you squirm even more than usual. In 2013 Annette made the decision not to shoot any more porn in the US, which is a shame, but her fans here at KINK still have hope that she may make it back here for a special trip just to get her BDSM treatment from us.

Annette is a true freak who enjoys submitting. It only makes sense because some of the most intense BDSM players come from Germany. Whether she is tied up in a super hot latex get up or being used as a play toy by a lesbian dominatrix with electricity in hand, Annette can really get you worked up with how hard she can submit. She will go the extra mile for you because she loves to know that her fans are watching. Annette has also had her hand at directing porn movies before, but truly as you can see here, she prefers to lay back and allow someone else to take the helm - especially when she is bound and helpless with a cock in at least one of her holes!
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