Maitresse Madeline Marlowe

Maitresse Madeline Marlowe is an incredible woman. She once held an auction for just an hour of her time via webcam and a guy paid $42,000, but never cashed in on his show, just to give you an idea of how much subs of all sorts clamor to honor her and brush shoulders with her.

Madeline has always been into kink, and she started doing sex work in the form of webcamming while she was in college, because she wanted a way to help pay for her tuition. She gave it a shot and loved it. Due to her kinky interests she started shooting porn for fetish companies, and never finished school because she was having so much success. It was then that a relationship derailed her career and she literally went and joined the circus, then she owned her own restaurant, then she moved to Paris to webcam. These varied interests just show how incredibly powerful Madeline is. She could do anything she puts her mind to, and she chooses to grace us with her presence every day!

Regardless of whether she is dressed up in official Dominatrix regalia or just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, when Madeline enters a room, you feel it. She has a presence about her that lets you know she is in charge. She is a fair Domme and she enjoys bringing her erotic eye to Divine Bitches, for the most part, but also to Hardcore Gangbangs, TS Seduction, Whipped Ass and Electrosluts. Madeline's calm, sadistic demeanor in the face of a submissive screaming or begging for more is what sets her apart from so many others. She really enjoys observing the effects of her actions, carefully placing electrodes or swats with the cane, and then taking in the after effects, be it groans, orgasms or whimpers. 'What's interesting to me is seeing different reactions,' Madeline muses. 'Some people's reactions don't make any sense at all. Like a person laughing hysterically when they just got caned hard enough to mark.'

Madeline is 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is quite imposing for a woman. Pair that with some 4-6 inch heels and she towers over the majority of her submissives, striking fear into their hearts. Madeline is well liked in the industry by fans and coworkers alike. She has a gang of 'Bitches' that she can call upon to step in on Divine Bitches including Lorelei Lee and other impressive Dominas. She also has submissives clamoring to buy her gifts and give her tributes, because of her impressive power shown through her body of work.

Before her directorial career Madeline was also known as Alyssah Simone, and ran her own porn company with a previous partner. This content also focused on her FemDom desires, showing that she has been honing her skills for over 10 years in the art of dominating men and have slaves at her feet begging for the smallest scrap of attention.
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