Zoey Monroe

Zoey Monroe is a cute blonde who started doing porn in 2012 when she was about 20 years old. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds. Her measurements of 34B-32-34 are completely natural and she looks so hot! When you see her you will understand why everyone loves her and why everyone just wants to tie her up. Zoey is an athletic girl who has always played a bit of softball. She also did some gymnastics which is why she is so flexible. She always wanted to be a pornstar! She never had any other ideas or dreams besides that. She got into the industry by stripping, because she knew that’s a good way to start. So she met some other girls who were in the biz through that and once she sent in some pictures, she was on her way to stardom.

She named herself after Marilyn Monroe who is one of her idols. Zoey is well known for squirting. She taught herself how to do it because she once saw a squirting porn. Then she thought it was so hot that she knew she needed to do it herself! So she didn’t let herself go to sleep that night until she had squirted all over her bed, and a squirt legend was born. Zoey has also tried double anal once. She did it but she found out it isn’t really for her. She didn’t mind doing it on that day, because she will try anything once. Her new dream is to try a double vaginal session. Her favorite type of scene to shoot is probably a gangbang because she also loves DP. Zoey is a girl who will go far as long as she can keep getting her holes stuffed full of cock!
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