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Device Bondage by is the domination of submissive sluts in barbaric metal restraints. Watch as beautiful submissive women are restrained in cruel implements of classical metal bondage by the hands of established, and famed rigger, "The Pope." You’ll see submissive sluts who need to be demeaned and broken, deconstructed into contorted forms of The Pope’s choosing. Watch in HD with downloads or streaming video at speeds up to 350 RPM.

Joining Device Bondage gets you full access to the library. Over 12,000 hardcore BDSM porn, fetish sex, and kinky videos. Pornstars and barely legal 18 year old teen sluts alike are bound in heavy metal, exposed and tormented. The Pope breaks the will of even the most stubborn and headstrong of captives in devices that hunches them forward, locking their legs wide open, helpless to their handler’s torment.

Seasoned submissive pro's love getting dished massive loads of punishment in the adult film world. These filthy sluts have been smacked, slapped, and fucked every conceivable hole in every way over the course of their careers. "The Pope" uses his arsenal of water, hooks, tit-mangling, gags and all implementations of torment at his disposal to taunt sluts and turn them into drooling piles of spent whores.

Space deprived, blindfolded, and ladened with nipple and clit clamps, female slaves are put into tiny spaces and bound in metal devices, with cages so small that if claustrophobia doesn't overtake his victims, the cramping from being restrained will. "The Pope" implements pain in the form of his giant man hands, and makes his submissives asses glow a shiny shade of pink tenderness. fingers and fucks his helpless bound sluts, pounding their little pink pussies and assholes with massive dildos.

The Pope loves waterboarding captive women rigging their perfect bodies and big tits in brutal metal and leather bondage using one of the cruelest and most controversial forms of sensory deprivation, waterboarding. What is waterboarding? Waterboarding is a form of water torment in which water is poured over a cloth covering the face and breathing passages of an immobilized captive, causing the individual to experience the sensation of drowning.

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