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The Training of Sabrina Fox, Day Three

TRAINERS NOTES GENERAL REVIEW Failed at running the stairs Loss of Balance trigers FEAR Hoods trigger FEAR Fear is power Slave Dance - 4 positions into one movement Bouncing, rhythm, tease Earned bed (but did not GET it) 5 - 15 orgasms by her own hand 'Earnest' strikes a cord with her BREAKTHROUGH in self identity / sexuality MOTIFS: Buckets, Stairs, Duty TRAINING TRIGGERS outside right thigh - press for dirty talk, from day one choking -associate wet pussy, masturbation, orgasm POSITIONS / PROTOCOL COVERED Attention, eyes ahead, arms in box Kneeling, hands clasped behind head Present ass standing and kneeling NEW - back bend present cunt DESPERATELY SEARCHING for that RITE OF PASSAGE Begin to instill sense of DUTY, a power from the heart that drives her SABRINA QUOTES 'I really want to work on bringing out my inner submissive.' 'I often fantasize about harsh, rigorous, and demanding training.' '…but, I feel if afterwards, if there isn't some type of softness or reward, it breaks my heart.' Her fantasies, triggers and orgasms revolve around consent and permission She is likely a masochist / sensation slut - is she an attention slut as well? SIMPLE COMMANDS 'I have the hardest time following the simplest command...if I'm told to strip, it's almost as if I physically can't do it.' CHORES 'I want to learn to find pleasure in service and chores' MASTURBATION 'I can't masturbate in front of others' 'I can remember... begging for forgiveness...' TRAINERS NOTES, DAY THREE HOMEWORK REVIEW: list the BDSM organizations and events over the next 3 mos in her area DEMONSTRATE THE PROPERTY to Aiden Starr and ask her help in refining the charge. Order her to masturbate herself for our amusement Fuck her cunt with a giant rubber cock while Aiden uses her face to get off Offer the reward of Aiden's FIST in her cunt DRILL DUTY - embed the concept - core principle 'def: Something that one is required to do by moral or legal obligation, an act or expression of respect' 'True to self' 'Duty to Seek Learn and Explore' DRILL THE RULES - Demand sort, concise answers, military style WHAT IS YOUR NAME? 116 WHAT ARE YOUR TRAINING GOALS? Eroticize service through chores, Initiate sex, Obey Simple Commands, Humility WHAT IS RULE NUMBER 1? Control eye-line RULE 2? Do not anticipate actions RULE 3? Address Trainer as Trainer RULE 4? No furniture RULE 5? No masturbation WHAT IS YOUR DUTY? 'Embrace submissive nature and suffer beautifully in the release of control. WHAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY? 'To pass on what I learn in order to cultivate the leather culture.'
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