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The Training of Sara Faye and Claire Dames, Day One

Average Rating:



  • This is the first time TTOO has attempted training two girls at the same time.
  • Recommending separate interviews for the girls.
  • Familiarize the young ladies with the rigors of the horse trails cutting through this 60 acres of isolated, scorching hillside.
  • Leash and yoke them both for marches between scenes
  • Determine and test their individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities to develop the week’s curriculum

Number one


  • Experience: enthusiast, recently started to follow the lifestyle
  • Nervous, attentive
  • Very curious about the D/s relationship
  • Does not always follow orders on purpose, ‘because it’s fun’
  • Processes pain well, finds pleasure in it
  • Enjoys leash and collars
  • Enjoys resisting, being told to do things
  • Hates singles tails ‘because they hurt too much’
  • Just wants to learn to be a good girl


  • Obedience, Discipline and Grace


  • Offer her a leather training collar to earn
  • Teach her discipline through concentration, balance and pain
  • Start with a painful cover clamp leash on pussy and nipples
  • March her around the pen
  • Make her come up with a name for her slut sister
  • Order her to clamp up her sister
  • Teach her why a collar earned is better than a collar bought
  • Flog her, tempt her to fail
  • Order her to hose off her filthy slut sister and march her into the barn to get fucked
  • Show her that good girls get sucked off and fucked to orgasm


  • Learned she is capable of more than she thought
  • Listen to what she is being told
  • Leash Training
  • Does she deserve a collar?

Number two


  • Experience: 1.5 years
  • Did not respond to two pre-shoot requests for background information and input on her training.
  • Lack of a proper response sets a bad precedent
  • Nervous but really excited
  • Surprisingly demure when asked to strip
  • Likes the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen
  • She tells us, ‘I’ve never been a slave before’.


  • Make it through the day


  • We do not know what to do with her, so do nothing important.
  • Make her wish she had sent that email
  • Teach her to formulate a proper response
  • Gag her and tie her to a post
  • Tell her to stand there and look pretty while her slut sister is trained
  • Put her to work digging a mud pit for another site
  • Demonstrate the single tail whip on Claire’s huge tits for Sara
  • Take away the shovel and make her dig with her hands
  • Hose her down like a barnyard animal
  • Use her mouth liberally as a fuck hole
  • Regarding her cunt, fuck it or beat it?
  • Assign homework: respond to the initial application letter
  • Show her that bad girls get sent to bed with hungry, frustrated cunts


  • Learned the importance of a proper response
  • Learned that for today, her mouth is only good for sucking cock and eating pussy.

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