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Hardhat Master: A Slave, a Master, and a Dominant Friend

When the doorbell rings, Jason is kneeling beside Owen, who is lying on the couch going through Bound & Gagged and idly playing with Jason's dick. Jason's hands are still tied, and his mouth still gagged; he also wears a wide leather collar around his neck, with one of Owen's boots hanging from it. Owen sends Jason to open the door, despite his tied hands, and after Jason has admitted an astonished Austin, and shut the door behind him, Owen orders Jason to his knees and tells Austin to take off Jason's gag and the hanging boot as well. Owen informs Jason that when Austin is with them he’s Austin's slave, too. Owen makes Jason kiss Austin's sneakers. Austin knows how to handle submissives, and gets right into it. He orders Jason to spit on his sneakers then lick the spit up. Owen loves this. He offers Austin a blowjob from Jason who, he tells Austin, will do anything he, Owen, tells him to. Austin unzips his fly and gives Dean his cock to suck. Owen controls Jason's head as Jason sucks Austin's cock; Owen also plays with Jason's nipples and spanks his ass. Austin slaps and spits on Jason as he gets his blowjob. After a while, Owen tells Jason to get him and Austin a drink, and he and Austin go into the livingroom where Austin goes down on him. Owen is soon controlling Edwards' head. Jason returns. Owen has him set the beers down and lick his nipples, then his pits, while Austin sucks his cock. Owen tells Austin to take off his clothes. A moment later Owen is kneeling over Austin who sucks his cock as Jason eats his ass. Austin gets a chair and they rope-tie Jason into it. Owen gives Jason 15 minutes to get free, or be punished. Owen and Austin continue having sex as Jason struggles. Owen tells Austin how much Jason is dying for a taste of his dick; they jerk off together, watching Dean struggling to get free and drooling around his gag. Austin, about to cum, jumps up and cums on Jason, whose chair falls over backwards. Owen comes over and cums on Jason as he lies on the floor, still tied to the chair. Owen checks the time; fifteen minutes has passed, Jason's going to get punished.
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