Jessy Dubai

Jessy Dubai is overall one of the most popular transsexual pornstars out there, and she is kinky as fuck. Jessy is a can do type of girl. She started doing porn because she was complaining to her boyfriend that there wasn’t any type of porn out there that she wanted to watch. He suggested that she make her own, so she did! Here she is today doing it well. Jessy’s first scene was actually here at KINK for TS Seduction. One thing that Jessy is passionate about is showing her fans that trans pornstars are about more than just sex. They also have lives beyond their sexy jobs. Besides porn, Jessy attends business management classes because she wants to learn how to manage her own career in the adult industry. She takes her porn career very seriously, which is a theme you will certainly see in the most successful babes in the biz.

At first in the porn biz Jessy had the name Valerie Hunter. However, she wanted to change her name to Jessy because she had a friend with the name and she thought it was very sexy. She chose Dubai because she loves the idea of that Middle Eastern city. It used to be nothing more than a desert, but now it is a bustling international metropolis. Here on KINK you can see Jessy and her big 8 inch dick giving and taking it from both sides. She is a powerful top who gets guys and girls to service her beautiful cock, and she also likes to get tied up and experience the submissive side of BDSM. She is basically just a kinky slut who is so glad to be able to get to live out her fantasies in the porn industry, particularly here at KINK.
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