Van Darkholme

Van Darkholme first started his career at Kink in 2008 as a model in the Bound Gods shoot entitled 'The Straight Bodybuilder.' He went on to helm the KinkMen brand, directing Bound Gods, Bound In Public, Men On Edge, Naked Kombat, and 30 Minutes of Torment. A prolific rigger of the rope bondage technique Shibari, his films have been described as spontaneous and complex:

'That's why my films are different. Because I'm trying not to compete with other people or watch what they're doing and emulate that. Even when I do the bondage, people take classes and courses, and their bondage comes out exactly the same the teacher and they get used to that. I try to figure it out on my own. It's problem solving for myself, so it's gonna look different. It's a little messy. It's not perfect. I like it messy because it emulates life. Life is not perfect. So if I Google bondage I know exactly which photo is mine because it's a little messy. I like that.'
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Aug 23, 2016