James Mogul

If you saw James Mogul on the street you wouldn't really suspect that he is one of the top BDSM porn directors in the world. He has that all American hot dad look with an edge that makes you think something else is going on inside of his head. Well, you'd be right, there is a whole lot going on inside of that noggin of his and it is probably how he is going to tie up and torment that pornstar that is coming to his set tomorrow. Like many BDSM porn directors he describes himself as a slightly ADD bondage top and sadist. His skills include bringing girls to their proverbial knees and tying them up in situations that seemed impossible to achieve.

His involvement in the kink world started way back in 1996. He was living in Seattle and he randomly stumbled into a BDSM dungeon one evening. He loved it. He kept coming back for more, learning everything he could at a rapid rate. He noticed that the subbing side did not make him feel turned on so he kept on the Dominant track. He made a lot of friends and loved the tight knit community he found there. 'From the start of coming into public kink circles I've had a drive to document the ride.' James told one online publication about his forays into the porn industry. Before coming to create porn for Kink, he had his own slew of sites that mainly focused on his love of rope bondage and sadistic pain.

James Mogul is married to the well-known pornstar Madison Young. Their relationship is highly chronicled in Madison's memoir, which is titled Daddy. The two fell in love both on and off the porn screens. The spark between them is undeniable in any scene they are both in.

In person James is polite, quiet and even mild mannered. He even acknowledged in an interview early on that he saw the value in being polite and respectful to everyone in the kinky community regardless of their taste for being a Dom or a sub. That value still holds today and the slave sluts who roll through his set for The Training of O all clamor to come back for more obedience training and hardcore submission.

James is probably best known for his work on The Training of O, though he has also directed for The Upper Floor and Hogtied. On TTOO, he set a standard for female submissive training that is always imitated and never quite replicated in the same way. It's through careful consideration of each girl's strengths and weaknesses that he is able to construct a custom training program for each slut who desires to improve her status as a sub. What you see as a result is an amazing collection of porn videos stretching back to 2007 that reveals the inner workings of what James requires from his submissives.
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