Ariel X

Ariel X is not only a great porn performer, but she is also one of our top directors here at Kink. She is unmistakable not only for her svelte figure which she spends hours a day working on at the gym, but her friendly yet stern personality that lets you know she is ready to pounce should the occasion call for it. She started out her career as Ariel Carmine, choosing a name that starts with A so she would be at the top of every alphabetical model list. However, she quickly changed to Ariel X after a few shoots, choosing a name that fit her better. Before porn Ariel was just an awkward lesbian jerking off to pics of Kate Moss, but through porn she found a lot of freedom and exploration in sexuality. Ariel was originally Mormon but that religion didn't fit in with her personality or her tastes.

Ariel started out doing fetish modeling after being a bikini and fitness model because she always got typecast as the 'Goth' one with her pale skin and dark hair. She discovered through this that she loved the fetish world and soon devoted her life to her sexual practices. Now that she goes tanning and has lighter hair, she is much more versatile, but she wouldn't cut fetish play out of her life for any reason at all. She is also an amazing wrestler who is in charge of the site Ultimate Surrender. As a wrestler her nickname is 'the assassin' because she is quick, clean and can't be beat!

She personally has a foot fetish, which she is incredibly happy about getting to express and explore in her work at Kink. Like most of our directors, she is also a talented musician who released a few singles a while back, but decided to focus on her porn career over music. She has also had a few mainstream horror movie roles, showing that while she is a great wrestler, hot porn performer and ingenious director for porn movies, she can really also act. Ms. X also has a degree in business and marketing, showing her versatility.

Most recently, with the Armory being shut down and repurposed for other events, Ariel packed up her wrestling mats and BDSM gear and set up her own studio in Las Vegas so she could continue to direct porn movies of this nature. She is the queen of Ultimate Surrender, and has also appeared on Everything Butt and TS Pussy Hunters. She has never done hardcore porn and has no plans to. Why should she? She has a successful career doing all of the things she absolutely loves. 'I'm one of the only girls who has started out doing girl/girl and remained only doing girl/girl in the porn industry.' Ariel explains. 'I think it's because I am a Taurus - stubborn. I only want to do exactly what hits my buttons.'

Ariel is an amazing and powerful woman with a creative eye. She enjoys her freaky lifestyle and the expression she can exert while directing porn sites and shoots. She also enjoys all of the kinky friends she has made along the way.
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