Matt Williams

Matt Williams is a Director who has had a huge impact on the direction of rope bondage porn in the 21st century. He has a signature style that is simple, refined and secure, yet difficult to duplicate - and people have tried. He first started doing porn in 1999 because he was just working in a factory in upstate New York. He had a girlfriend who was into bondage who also worked in a factory. There was a local bondage porn producer who put an ad out for models. Matt's girlfriend answered the ad and of course Matt went with her to the shoot to make sure everything would turn out OK. That shoot formed a lifelong relationship for Matt with the director of the site, who taught him a lot about bondage, film making and artistic endeavors, allowing Matt to go on his own creative journey. Perhaps his relationship didn't last, but his relationship with bondage would go on forever.

In 2002 he brought those talents to us here at Kink. Over the next 10 years he formed his own unmistakable identity on Hogtied, and helped the site become one of the most popular rope bondage sites in the world. Matt's professional demeanor and attention to detail are what led him to success. He is known for truly caring about models, ending shoots early if they feel sick or just don't seem to be enjoying themselves. Kink has to attribute a lot to this period of time in which the company grew exponentially, and Matt's creative eye definitely had a part in putting the company on top. Matt did end up leaving the company in 2012 to move onto other pursuits in the industry, but we are very happy to have thousands upon thousands of videos of his work to share with our fans and viewers.

Mr. Williams has had a few favorites to work with over the years, most notably his former girlfriend Rain DeGrey who is also an accomplished bondage model, and his now wife MILF and bondage pornstar legend Dee Wiliams, who was known as Darling for most of her career. Both of them can be seen in a lot of his porn scenes.

Matt has created some things in the bondage industry that have changed the way people think of tying up. One of his concepts known as a 'category 5' position is unique to him. If you see it anywhere, know that he is the one who created it! Basically this idea is a position that is so strenuous only a few models can handle it. The most flexible cuties with the highest stamina were chosen for these positions, which include back arching hogtie suspensions, wrist suspensions, and other positions which would be completely unimaginable if it wasn't Matt at the helm.

Matt was also the director of Ultimate Surrender, because female wrestling is a personal fetish of his. 'I think there is just something so natural and amazing about two girls going at it on the mats.' Matt explains, 'They get sweaty, they get worked calls on something primal in me. Erotic wrestling clearly has a place at Kink.' Though Matt isn't at Kink anymore that company is very grateful for what he has contributed to Kink's channels and libraries.
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