Claire Adams

Claire Adams is a redhead pornstar who was also the director of Hogtied and Device Bondage for short periods of time. She is a quiet woman with a lot of intensity. She may not say much but the way her mind can create beautiful works of art through rope bondage shows that there is a lot going on in there! In addition to being a skilled rope top and sadistic Domme, Claire is also one of the most flexible bottoms we have ever seen to date. She submits her will and her full body to whatever is happening and takes on anything that is thrown her way. She loves to suffer and she loves pleasure as well.

Claire is a multitalented woman who is more than just a BDSM practitioner. She is also a talented graphic designer who did a lot of the graphics for her pursuits here at Kink. She is also often called upon to rig bondage for professional fashion photo-shoots and other mainstream pursuits, since she is so well known for her talents. For a time she was in a relationship with Damon Pierce, another rigger who spent some time here at our studios.

Together they had a lifestyle relationship with Claire as the submissive, but that didn't stop her from staying on top when it came to her on camera appearances. She has gotten even some of the most dominant women - like Princess Donna or Lorelei Lee - to sub for her as she has an energy about her that helps other people feel comfortable in her care. She treats each shoot as a delicate procedure, where everything must be correct in order to proceed. This ensures a perfect product and a safe and fun time for everyone involved. She takes this as seriously as a surgeon takes their work, and it shows. Everything in her body of work is aesthetically pleasing in every way.

Claire came to this lifestyle because it was within her. She is a true lifestyler. She is not here for the money or the fame. That is why she somewhat kept to herself, allowing herself to fade off into anonymity when she retired a few years ago to study graphic design professionally and start a new life elsewhere. She has the word 'Owned' tattooed on her inner lip showing that she is a lifestyle submissive who will submit deeply to the right person who comes around. However, for her submitting isn't about rolling over and being a doormat, she finds as much power in submission as she does in domination, which is why she is a completely versatile switch who can convey her love of BDSM through either role. Some people might call her a kinkster, others may call her a hedonist, whichever you call her, but Claire is definitely one of a kind. Her intricate and decorate yet effective style of rope bondage is unmistakable, and her cruel, sinister and calm demeanor in the face of any submissive is completely unique to her.
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